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Start harnessing the full potential of decentralised learning with the most advanced e-learning platform in the world.

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Courses, by top Instructors.

Every course in BUIDL Academy has been verified and approved by top instructors and users, part of the DAO.

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How does it work?

Super easy to use, BUIDL Academy allows you te keep all of your courses and all of your graduation certificates in one web3 wallet.

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Sign in to the BUIDL Academy using your web3 wallet. No more information sharing, passwords or emails.


You can purchase any course you want using your web3 wallet and stablecoins, such as USDC, USDT and DAI.

Ownership on-chain

Ownership of the courses you have purchased is written on chain, so it can’t be changed or modified. Lifetime access to your courses.

Certificate on-chain

Whenever you pass the end exam of a course, your graduation certificate is written on-chain. it can never be lost, modified or transferred.

Verfied Content

Every course, and its content, has been examined and verified by the BUIDL DAO, consisting of top tier technology companies.

Proof of Knowledge

All certification is written on-chain, and all certificates are kept secure in your web3 wallet. You can use them as universal proof of knowledge.

How it works

The platform of the future

Our platform features best of both web2 & web3. Easy to consume courses via your web browser. Immutable and verifiable certificates and ownership, written on the Polygon Blockchain.

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Start harnessing the full potential of decentralised e-learning with the most advanced platform in the world.

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Still have questions?

You can do so just as you do on other e-learning websites, like Udemy. BUIDL Academy allows for all types of content , including videos, questionnaires, interactive exercises , etc.

Every Certificate is a type of NFT, which includes your information, as well as the course and the issuing body.All the information is hashed and written on chain, and you own it via your web3 wallet/address. All you have to do is prove you own the address and prove that you are you.

Yes, there are visual and content quality standards , set out by the BUIDL Academy and voted in by the BUIDL DAO.

Every time a user purchase your course, you receive your royalty in the wallet you have provide when creating the course. Everything is automatic, as it is handled by smart contracts.

Yes, every company, part of the BUIDL DAO, recognises the courses and their completion certificates as valid. The companies accept course completion certificates as valid proof for knowledge and skills.

You need to have the knowledge needed as well as to follow the quality and content guides, provided by BUIDL Academy.