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DAO Governed Learning Platform

About the platform

You get 90% of all sales.

You set the price for the courses and you receive 90% of all sales. The pricing is set in stable coins (USDT, USDC, DAI) by you. Every course and its users is securely stored on the Polygon blockchain. Everything is written on-chain, so no one can manipulate or change anything.

How it works

Courses get approved by the BUIDL DAO.

BUIDL DAO consists of top instructors and users. The DAO checks all courses and their content, to make sure everything is relevant, sufficient, and up to the standards set by the DAO.


Every month, there is a proposal made from BUIDL Academy to the BUIDL DAO with all courses, which have passed preliminary review that month.

Votes submitted

BUIDL DAO members check & vote on whether any of the courses in the proposal should be included in the Academy.

Results & Deployment

All courses, which have been admitted by the DAO are minted & deployed, making them part of the Academy.

Looking to create an educational course ?

You are in the right place.

For Artists

Written on Polygon.

All instructors and royalties are written on-chain, ensuring maximum security, immutability of the records, fast transactions and low transaction costs.

built forĀ Instructors

How to create a course

BUIDL Academy mixes web2 and web3, to create a truly decentralised and user friendly approach towards building and consuming learning content.


Instructors prepare the structure, content, pricing and any other course related information. The process is very similar to deploying a course on Udemy, or other learning platforms.


Once you are done, submit the course to the BUIDL Academy preliminary review process.You submit a course, using your web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask). Submitting is free, and doesn't cost anything.


Once the course is submitted, BUIDL Academy reviews it and provides guidance if needed , so the course & content is up to the standards. Once it passes Academy preliminary check, the course is included in the next DAO proposal.

Knowledge base
Still have questions?

Every course is deployed as an ERC 721 token standard on the Polygon Blockchain.

A user can purchase a course, by using their web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask; Walletconnect) and pay for it with stablecoins. Every user is added to the course metadata as a “consumer” so they can consume the course content.

Yes, there are visual and content quality standards , set out by the BUIDL Academy and voted in by the BUIDL DAO.

Every time a user purchase your course, you receive your royalty in the wallet you have provide when creating the course. Everything is automatic, as it is handled by smart contracts.

Yes, every company, part of the BUIDL DAO, recognises the courses and their completion certificates as valid. The companies accept course completion certificates as valid proof for knowledge and skills.

You need to have the knowledge needed as well as to follow the quality and content guides, provided by BUIDL Academy.