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BUIDL DAO is made of course instructors and users and early investors. It is time they take full control over the way they teach & learn.

Base concept

BUIDL Academy & DAO is designed to involve instructors, students and investors in the education and management process. Instructors of learning courses can develop and submit content to the academy.

The DAO members examine each course and decide if it should be included in the Academy or not. 

Main advantages

Assessed content

Every course in BUIDL Academy has to be approved by the DAO, ensuring quality.The DAO has the power to determine what content is relevant and needed in the Academy.


Proof of Knowledge

All course completion certificates are issued on the Polygon blockchain, in the form of SBTs. They serve as a clear proof of knowledge and skills obtained.



The DAO receives 10% royalties for every course sold, which are to be used for treasury and further development of the BUIDL Academy.


Giving control back

It is time the course instructors and studentshave full control over the platform they are accessing their education from. The users are the owners.


Match between needs

The DAO decides what kind of skills and knowledge are needed by the upcoming workforce and thus, what courses to admit in the Academy.


All in One Platform

By being in a unified place and having unified style, guidelines and bench marks for quality, course content can be much more easily absorbed and therefore learned

Business model

The DAO receives 10% of all courses sold and can vote on how to manage treasury & all other matters.

BUIDL DAO is governed by an ERC-20 token, issued on the Polygon Blockchain .

People can become governors, by participating in the token distribution event, exchanging other cryptocurrencies for the governance token.

All raised funds will serve as the DAO Treasury and can be split among the DAO members.

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