Blockchain based РDAO Governed  

Decentralised Learning Platform

About Buidl Academy

Web3 Powered Learning Academy

Buidl Academy utilises the full potential of blockchain technology, using Smart Contracts & NFTs for all courses and certificates issued by the Academy.

Fair Distribution

All instructors take the majority of the proceeds (90%) made from the courses they have created and sold. Instructors are stimulated to produce top quality & relevant learning content.

Trustless & Secure

Every certificate issued by the academy is a form of NFT, securely stored on the blockchain.It contains all relevant information about the student, the course and the exams undertaken. Every course is an NFT as well, with all relevant content included in it's metadata.

High Quality

BUIDL Academy is governed by the BUIDL DAO. The DAO consists of course instructors, students and investors.They collectively decided on the quality benchmark for all courses, thus ensuring high quality of learning content.

how it works

BUIDL Academy & DAO

BUIDL Academy is the web platform, allowing for creation, distribution and consumption of learning content. 

BUDIL DAO is the governing body of the Academy, deciding on which courses & content to be approved  & added to the Academy.

Main advantages

Assessed content

Every course in BUIDL Academy has to be approved by the DAO, ensuring quality.The DAO has the power to determine what content is relevant and needed in the Academy.


Proof of Knowledge

All course completion certificates are issued on the Polygon blockchain, in the form of SBTs. They serve as a clear proof of knowledge and skills obtained.



The DAO receives 10% royalties for every course sold, which are to be used for treasury and further development of the BUIDL Academy.


Giving control back

It is time the course instructors and studentshave full control over the platform they are accessing their education from. The users are the owners.


Match between needs

The DAO decides what kind of skills and knowledge are needed by the upcoming workforce and thus, what courses to admit in the Academy.


All in One Platform

By being in a unified place and having unified style, guidelines and bench marks for quality, course content can be much more easily absorbed and therefore learned


How we created BUIDL Academy

February 2023
BUIDL Academy MVP is Live.
March - May 2023
Preparation for Private Sale N.1. Gaining users and instructors for BUIDL Academy.
May 2023
Private Sale N.1
June - July 2023
Increase in BUIDL Academy user & instructors base. Preparation of designs for BUIDL Academy v1.
August 2023
Private Sale N.2
September - November 2023
New features and improvements for BUIDL Academy MVP. Start buidling BUIDL Academy v1.
November 2023
Private Sale N.3
December 2023
Launch of BUIDL Academy v1 and BUIDL DAO v1. Listing of BGT on Exchanges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) are digital assets created and recorded on a blockchain. In BUIDL Academy context, all courses and certificates are forms of NFTs.

All learning content can be consumed after verification using web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, Wallet Connect, etc.

BUIDL Academy & DAO utilises Ethereum Blockchain for:

-Courses (recorded as NFTs)

-Certificates (recorded as NFTs)

-Content (kept on IPFS)

-DAO decisions & votes

-Ownership, creators and royalties for every course and certificate.

DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. It is governed using a utility governance token, minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Governors approve or reject course content by voting in a transparent way, recorded on chain.

In order for a person or a company to become a DAO member, they have to obtain governance tokens, during the private token distribution event, happening in Q1 2023.

All types of course, which the DAO members vote to upload to the Academy Library. These could be technology, design , web2 or web3 releated.

Want to become a DAO member ?

BUIDL DAO is governed by course instructors, students and investors. Join the platform and you will be in the whitelist for the DAO token distribution event.